Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Samples '00s, #5

Mad Lib and MF Doom are a SftD dream—samples,found sound, a continuous string of aliases... plenty of samples from Madvillainy have a place on this list, including the Fever Tree sample which serves as the background for "America's Most Blunted," but Mad Lib takes sampling all the way back to Steve Reich's voice-looping process music.


Mark V said...

MadVils is a definite top album of the decade, but I never knew this sample was in there. Reminds me of the biggest omission of my own favorite samples of the decade: RJD2. Here's his sample take on Steve Reich.

The Proxy - RJD2

Electric Counterpoint: Fast - Steve Reich

pbartleby said...

Agreed. When I wrote Sunday's post about sample albums, I really meant to include something about Deadringer and J Dilla's Donuts. Thanks for the reminder.

Good Times Roll, Pt. 2 - RJD2

Workinonit - J Dilla