Monday, December 7, 2009

The Airs

As we head toward the end of the decade, Eminem's "Stan" will get a lot of best-of attention, and a lot of it, from a SftD standpoint, directed at the inspired sample from then-unknown Dido's "Thank You." Still I've always found the lines from the "obsessed fan" character about Phil Collins one of the most unusual lyrical allusions I've heard in pop music. The first verse shows a fan annoyed that his idol doesn't answer fan letters, the second shows him getting angry, and by the third, we're given full-on murderous rage. In the middle of his psychotic outburst, the fan interrupts the story—"Do you know the Phil Collins' song 'In the Air of the Night'? [sic]" At the most desperate moment of the fan's life, he turns to a twenty-year-old single for answers.

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