Sunday, January 3, 2010


"I like using the TV as reality and part of reality. The images on TV just go by like time does, but in that flow like life, there are possible portraits... I like the way I realize I am taking a photograph of a frame from a film/video that shows a person who appears to have been seen only by me." Elaine Mayes on photographing musicians on television, like this 1983 portrait of Debbie Harry.

I was over at the Who Shot Rock and Roll exhibition last night at the Brooklyn Museum. Lots of great stuff. Any chance to see the Houses of the Holy artwork is fantastic. Lots of SftD themes come to the surface when dealing with music photography. One photographer, Elaine Mayes, in particular caught my interest. Her 1980s series "Portraits of Musicians on Television" captures a particularly nested artistic gesture—a picture of a picture of a performance of a song.

[photo via Morrison Hotel Gallery]

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