Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sample Maps

Blogger/author/musician Ethan Hein has created some sample maps, graphically illustrating the paths of artists and the music they create or sample. Here is one he made for the music of Beyonce, by which I learned of this Betty Wright sample on "Upgrade U".

Many other sample maps can be found on Ethan's Flickr page here. Including a map of all the sample RZA uses on the GZA album "Liquid Swords"—I never would've heard the Frank Zappa in there without this.


Ethan Hein said...

Hey, thanks for posting these! Always glad for the page views.

pbartleby said...

Ethan, the maps are fantastic and have given me plenty to explore since Thursday. Thanks!

Mark, have you heard Lil Wayne's "Upgrade U"? I think Pitchfork had in their 2006 year-end songs list.

Mark V said...

Yeah, Ethan, I found your maps totally by accident (was trying to figure out through Google which album Kool and the Gang's "Jungle Jazz" was on). Really enjoy tracing samples and you've done this quite literally. Kudos